Meet the Judges: Lichen Ding

Meet the Judges: Lichen Ding

During our interview series the judges will tell us what they are looking out for in a winning entry and why they think you should enter the WIN awards.

Lichen Ding is the founder and chief designer of China based DLCA Architects. With 20 years of experience, spanning multiple disciplines and industries, he focuses on social issues and contemporary culture. His projects span architecture and renovation, interiors, exhibitions, art installation design and much more. He is a member of the International Consortium of Designers (IAD) and a Senior Partner of the World Design Consortium (WDC).

What are you looking out for in a WIN award contender?

I’m hoping for diverse projects that cross disciplines. The more adventurous the better!

Why should people enter the WIN awards? What are the benefits in your view?

The recognition that winning a WIN award brings. The WIN awards have an authority that provides strong support for design brands, especially for young, pioneering design firms.

What attracted you to becoming a judge for the WIN awards?

The opportunity to see outstanding works from multiple countries and regions, and the chance to gain insight into different natural, cultural, functional and other constraints. It’s both a challenging task and an opportunity to learn and interact with designers from around the world.

What sort of scheme would you most like to ​see among the entries​?

I hope that we will see designs that pay more attention to the health of users, integrate more natural elements, and vigorously improve the quality of architecture, public space and environment.

Tell us about some recent projects you’re proud of:

I recently completed a minimalist renovation of the Noland Hotel Wuhan as well as the renovation of a landmark hotel, the Grand Madison Wuhan, and the ongoing renovation of a historical museum building.