Meet the Judges: Nataly Bolshakova

Meet the Judges: Nataly Bolshakova

Nataly Bolshakova, Founder & Lead Designer of Bolshakova Interiors (previously based in Ukraine but now operating remotely from France), finds inspiration in art & travel. Initially trained in radio physics, in 2005 Nataly delved into the world of interior design. She founded Bolshakova Interiors Studio in 2008 and has since completed over 100 residential, hospitality and office projects worldwide.


What are you looking out for in a WIN award contender?


When evaluating the projects, I am looking at three core dimensions of design: innovative approach, the original idea of the author and aesthetics.


Why should people enter the WIN awards? What are the benefits in your view?


I would recommend submitting your project to the WIN Awards, not just to receive some additional visibility for your design studio but also to receive a professional evaluation. It provides important feedback from the design community. For me design awards are also an excellent way of networking and the birthplace of collaboration. 


What attracted you to becoming a judge for the WIN awards?


The reputation of the awards and previous judging panel, as well as the variety of the project`s categories. 

What sort of scheme would you most like to see among the entries?


I’d like to see sustainable and responsible design projects, which are celebrating innovation and localization of design. 

Tell us about some recent projects you’re proud of:


I would like to share AB Games office space – a 2,800 square metre space for over 160 workers, for a game development company dedicated to the most amazing and free-spirited virtual worlds. I’m also proud of Country House, a modern makeover of a family home in the suburbs of Kyiv, where integrity and harmony with the environment are fundamental design elements.


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