new modular wall system offers streamlined design

new modular wall system offers streamlined design

Anchored on a cold-rolled steel structural frame, the system integrates an air vapour barrier, perimeter seals, thermal breaks, insulation layers, and a patented bridge-free Thermal Plenum frame for drainage and ventilation.


Elegantly engineered, architects will appreciate the system’s unlimited design freedom, flexibility and its ability to accommodate every possible type and size of window or cladding material to deliver aesthetically appealing buildings that stand out on city skylines. The system can be customized for each project and the wall system is delivered fully clad and ready to install, with the work of half a dozen trades built in.


“Our unitized wall system is the result of a 26-year journey that began when developing cold-formed steel wall modules for low rise buildings,” said Joe Aprile, Chief Operating Officer of UnitiWall, and the system’s designer. “Since then, through progressive iterations, we have succeeded in developing a high-performance wall system that contains every required component, and that can be used in the construction of new buildings, as well as in the retrofit of condominiums, skyscrapers and large, complex structures.”


The wall system exceeds stringent code requirements, with insulation made from mineral wool ensuring it is 100% non-combustible. Panels are energy efficient, delivering a combined U-value of 0.029 and an effective R-value of R35 and higher. Additionally, the system’s materials and production processes are engineered to minimize the direct and indirect environmental impact over their lifecycle, using locally sourced, recycled materials that will also be 100% recyclable at their end-of-life.


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