WOW launches Moorish ceramic tile range

The architectural complex is made up of a series of homes lining the Mediterranean coastline, reminiscent of the the alcazabas or fortresses of northern Africa. The 50 homes are enclosed by an imposing red wall in a post-modernist take on Moorish architecture that forms a sharp contrast with the landscape.  

The collection’s smooth  and volumetric tiles can be combined to create personalised spaces that give a sensation of movement. 

Based in Spain’s Alicante, La Muralla Roja (pictured below) is one of the country’s most intriguing buildings, characterised by unique shapes, colours and forms.

The 3D tiles included in the Casbah collection are reminiscent of the geometric, maze-like shapes of La Muralla Roja and the homes protected by the red-tone fortress. 

Influenced by the colours of the architectural complex known as ‘La Muralla Roja’, or Red Wall, the collection features smooth tiles as well as 3D tiles.

Casbah features square-shaped tiles in 12.5×12.5 cm format, making them suitable for use in all spaces.


The collection’s colours include natural tones such as talc, sand, sky blue and pink, and deeper tones including indigo and reddish terracotta. 

Signature ceramics studio WOW Design has launched its Casbah collection – inspired by the Moorish fortresses of the Mediterranean.  

The Red Wall, Alicante