Meet the judges: Olivia Greene

Design reviews and award programmes are an instrumental resource for the participant and members of the jury. A learning platform is created for the exchange of ideas.  Innovative and best practices can emerge.  As a juror, reviewing projects from around the world and discussing the merits of projects with colleagues from around the world expands our collective knowledge. 

What attracted you to becoming a judge for the WIN awards?




These design awards are important to boost international exposure for small and large firms alike. As a member of the jury, to share, learn, discuss and evaluate submissions to select a singular project to emulate a higher standard is a great responsibility.  

Brookline Victorian Townhome: This project took an incredible effort to remain sensitive to the historical context and existing structure, while also providing fresh and appropriate additions that make the building more accessible, energy efficient, and open. A high level of craft was incorporated into the construction. 


Tell us about some recent projects you’re proud of:


Olivia Greene is an experienced Project Manager and Designer in the architecture and construction industry. Prior to joining USA-based Kripper Studio in Boston, she worked at Studios Architecture in San Francisco working on a range of projects from large scale university planning to commercial urban structures and their interior retrofits. Since joining Kripper Studio her focus has been on the modernization of historic structures as well as commercial re-use.




What are you looking out for in a WIN award contender?



What sort of scheme would you most like to see among the entries?

I believe a winning entry demonstrates both a rigorous examination of design innovation and a meaningful connection to local context and users.

Cultivate: As one of the first medical and recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts, this project was a creative effort to see how ever-changing zoning laws and public input can influence a project. The project posed a lot of new questions that allowed for a lot of new creative solutions. 

Why should people enter the WIN awards? What are the benefits in your view?

Surprise us.  Always be rigorous with standards and intention.  Don’t try to guess what we’re looking for.  Convince us why your submission is what we’re looking for.  


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