Would you let AI design your building?

‘My ultimate goal in my AI research is to put it into practice, so this requires me to fully invest my time as well as lead a team to go forth and push the boundaries of what we can do with these new technologies,’ he said.


منبع Explaining how his practice will differ from a conventional one he added: ‘Current practices are based on the current technology and organisation of human resources. AI fundamentally pushes us to re-evaluate the current sector and how human inefficiencies can be addressed. Through the use of diffusion AI and LLMs, we can derive a new design pipeline that maximises machine automation. I’ve already tested some methods in various offices and academic settings but now I aim to push it to its feasible extent.’

One of Fu’s concept designs is pictured above and was created using AI image generator Midjourney. The UK based architect found that his designs were beginning to garner attention globally, prompting prospective clients to approaching him for upcoming projects.

He plans to use AI as a tool in the concept design and ideation process and doesn’t believe AI will undermine human designers, likening it now widely accepted software such as CAD.

‘Many people recoiled in fear of technologies such as CAD or algorithmic computation in the past, but this tech has become a fundamental part of our practice today. I believe AI is next. AIs are very advanced algorithms that need to be driven and guided, that is why the input of the human designer is more important than ever.’