Colourful fitness club inspired by Tetris video game

The design also employs graphic patterns with the gradient metal ceiling grid changing density according to activity level; the woodwool panels divided into pixels draw arrows or graphs on walls; the same progressive form recurs in the staircase design.


Complementing the colourful spaces, the atrium and breakout areas are lined in neutral gray and wooden tones to exude a relaxed atmosphere. The high-ceilinged space is also equipped with a central stage and an immense LED screen for group classes or game broadcasts. Echoing the circles in a basketball court which are often used to reset a game, two semi-circular balconies stick out as “blanks” for observation or pause among surrounding actions.

With further spaces for rock climbing, basket ball and boxing, BeInfinity is located on the top floor of a shopping mall in down town Wuhan and provides 3,500 square metres of indoor activities.


Drawing inspiration from the video game Tetris, with its use of geometric patterns and bright colours, each activity area at BeInfinity is designed as a “dopamine block” that sets a certain mood. For example, red signifies strength and excitement, so it is paired with the energetic equipment gym; blue is soothing and help us focus, an ideal backdrop for the air rifle and baseball batting; yellow brings us joy and vitality and so is applied to the playful area of snooker, volleyball and ping-pong.

Sports elements are integrated in the furniture design such as a green sofa garnished in red stitches mimicking those in a baseball, table legs simulating the weights found in strength equipment and wooden stools taking on the appearance of the jumping box.

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